Environmental Sheild of America: How we differ

There are numerous differences between our process and other “cleaners”.

The key difference is the antimicrobial control our second-step coating provides. Once disinfected, our coating continues to destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi by ionic attraction.

Average disinfectants and anti-microbials kill microorganisms via chemical poisoning. Those chemicals are toxic, dissipate quickly and can be harmful to the environment. kitchen restaurant Many of these chemicals evaporate along with their antibacterial capabilities. Germs return within hours.

Our carbon-based coating continues to deliver protection after the initial sanitizing process. As long as you’re not using abrasive cleaning tools, our coating can be cleaned and maintain its efficacy.


The all-natural components of our product make it ideal for food preparation environments such as kitchens and tables.  Most cleaning companies have two drawbacks — they use toxic chemicals and you have to repeat the process on a regular basis. Imagine treating your kitchen surfaces with our food-safe carbon-based coating. With regular care, the kitchen’s surfaces would actually repel germs for on a perpetual basis!