Our Plan: Disinfect. Seal. Block.

Step 1: We start our unique process by cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces. 

Our teams clean all surfaces and areas in the location, wiping germs, bacteria, viruses and fungii off the map. 

The products we use are environmentally-friendly and safe for people and pets!

Once dry, we move to our differentiating step — coating. 

Step 2: We differentiate ourselves by coating surfaces with a long-term anti-viral/bacterial solution that destroys biological threats on contact. 

The coating is made of a carbon-based material that seals each surface. It creates an shield that attacks microbial entities by stealing ions from them. Bacteria, germs, viruses and fungii do not live long enough to embed themselves on the surface. 

The best part: 

Once coated, the surface requires only gentle cleaning. The coating will last for long periods of time if you follow our recommended maintenance guidelines.